Joan of Acre (buzybee06) wrote,
Joan of Acre

Squirrel Antics

Ah, fall; the time of the year that the little vermin come down from their hidey place and start to hunt for food for the winter by raiding our yard of every little drop of food they can find.
I don't really begrudge them. No really. Better they eat what all the pine and oak trees drop. I know I wont.
What made me stand up and take notice this year was there was one cute red squirrel that had more balls then brains.
It was during one sunny day last week when I was on a pie baking roll, that I saw him. A little red squirrel was trying to pick up this huge pine cone he would pick it up with his little paws and wrestle it until he had a good grip then he tried to run, only to have the pine cone fall. He did this a couple of times until he solved the problem. He stuck the tip in his mouth and then bounded off for the tree line. and I do mean bound.
I ended up laughing here was this little squirrel with this too huge pine cone jumping up and down. I couldn't even image how he got it up the tree. He did this all afternoon, every time I looked out the window the little guy had a new pine cone in his mouth.
Now mind you we have cats, wonderful hunters and catcher of little red squirrels. I don't know for sure, but I have not seen the squirrel since. Maybe he has just found a better, safer source of pine cones. Maybe.
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