Joan of Acre (buzybee06) wrote,
Joan of Acre

Cancer is evil

I am sure of it, not just because it is rapid growth with no controls and the so called treatment of it is almost as bad. but the truly evil part about it is to watch a beautiful, lively, talented 12 yr old girl turn into an old woman.

T's- niece was diagnosed with a malignant bone cancer this fall. We have in a silent state of panic since then, as we have had to watch her go to and from the hospital, slowly losing her strength, her vitality, and her hope, as this drags on with no real prognosis in sight.
And to add to that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing we can do.

The family has been trying to maintain a state of normalcy, only to fail because it is impossible to do when both parents are busy running one child to and from the hospital, fielding phone calls and getting gifts of food every third day and basically feeling crushed by the knowledge that this could be her last year.

After 12 weeks of treatment and frustration we at last have heard some news. After a this last round of extremely vile treatment the cancer IS receding. and when I say vile the chemicals are so toxic that they have to give them to her through a port in her chest, and for a week afterward the smell of her pee makes her vomit.

Cancer is evil, I am sure of this now.
Tags: family

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