Joan of Acre (buzybee06) wrote,
Joan of Acre

April Crazy

And were have I been the last couple of weeks. um. Well nowhere, but it has been really crazy here in ground zero of nowhere.
The last two weeks have seen some... different. (and that is not even the right word. )
first was the night spent in the children's ward.
Next was a week of training with lots of extras
and lastly a weekend of flat out go go, go.
Now I am on to playing catch up and not getting to take nap in the middle of the after noon.
I really hate that. :/

So at least I am not just sitting here playing WOW 24/7. But immersed in life. I am not sure if it all my life but it is the one happening around. To me, with me. So I'll take it.
Tags: bounce

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