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Stupid , Scary ,Crazy

And which one of these three things am I. Well...
this all goes back to the Bees. Yes the beginning was a low hum and a bright yellow in one of our apple trees.
Late this afternoon, my sweetie, Corwyn noticed that there was a swarm of bees in our favorite apple tree. It was a a really dense ball of bee-ness hanging on some branches. There was no other sign of bees in the area. No swarm of them zipping around like the last time.
We kind of looked at one another said "I hope those are honey bees".
We took some pictures and called some people, then decided to go for it. We have a hive we have the tools we have the know how and the need. We were going to get us some honey bees.
This is were Stupid comes in. I say to Corwyn, "We can do it by our selves. right? We just need to get the bees over to the hive."
The man made hive was only 50 or so yards away. This should have been easy...
Until you take into account that the swarm was about 15 feet in the air.
And this is where Scary comes in.
That right I volunteered to climb up and cut out the swarm ball and plop it into a box.
I'm up there with a pair of limb cutter and a sugar water spritz bottle, cutting and spritzing for all I was worth. Corwyn is down below me keeping the ladder steady. OH did I mention that this was on a steep slope. That is not the Crazy part.
Crazy is I did this twice. (We didn't get the queen the first time)
Now we wait. Did we do this right or am I going to have to do this again. I don't think I am that crazy.
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