Thanksgiving glitch

Some how we ended up locked out of our house on thanksgiving day.
We stumbled home after a long day of eating, talking and visiting. It was cold and dark and rainy.
T got to the door and didn't move. He turned back to me and said the door was locked.
Don't ask,
We don't normally lock the door, I mean, why bother we are in Maine and there is literally nothing to steal. But do to a new door insulation panel that we put in we have to make sure the door is not going to get opened into it and brake it.

To make a long story short, we did eventually get in.
After spending the night in T's sister basement with lots of little mechanical lights.
A day of calling Locksmiths. AH, like there were any out there.
Around 4 we put T's little niece through a basement window, (she was in Boston all day)
There we were standing around in the cold, dark, rain trying to get this dinky little window open and listening to the Cats howl of how much they have missed us, or were quite possible very hungry.
On the plus side we got to spend the day with one of T's latest nephews. the very cute one year old who can change moods faster then his father can change diapers.
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First Snow

It is the first snow fall of the winter. It is those big fluffy flakes that you can watch fall slowly to the ground.
I don't know why I am so excited by this. I don't actually like the snow, but this seems Ok.
I'm in a warm house, drinking my tea and watching the snow. And the ground to still warm so that the snow can't stick.
It is all very surreal.Snow in the air and Leaves on the ground.
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A dragon?

Cold news

I seem to be mostly over this nasty head cold. Thank goodness. the nasty part of the cold wasn't the sweating or the congestion, of which I had very little, it was the cough. the racking cough up a lung kind that would happen if I did anything too strenuous. Like walking.

The part that really got me was, when I would start coughing as I was trying to go to sleep. It is very hard to sleep when you can't breath. And it is hard on T who was trying to sleep next to me. and I may have scared the cats a couple of times too.

But that is over and done with. On to a voice once again and singing. Although I kind of liked that I sounded like Loren BeCall. Very deep and chesty. I never sound like that in real life.
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Angle Scream

New Computer

That's right, this time I really have a NEW computer.
It didn't cost an arm and a leg, but alas it is not a notebook.
But it has the biggest monitor I have ever worked with, it is fast and silent and has internet.
This pretty much has be my problem in the last year when my cute little mac ibook died.
I had internet but it was slow (my mother claimed was the same speed as her dial up).
or I had another machine that could run every thing I wanted but... didn't have an internet card. (not going there.)

I am joyfully downloading all the juicy programs I want.

Best part of all this.... is every thing looks right on the monitor.
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A dragon?

Squirrel Antics

Ah, fall; the time of the year that the little vermin come down from their hidey place and start to hunt for food for the winter by raiding our yard of every little drop of food they can find.
I don't really begrudge them. No really. Better they eat what all the pine and oak trees drop. I know I wont.
What made me stand up and take notice this year was there was one cute red squirrel that had more balls then brains.
It was during one sunny day last week when I was on a pie baking roll, that I saw him. A little red squirrel was trying to pick up this huge pine cone he would pick it up with his little paws and wrestle it until he had a good grip then he tried to run, only to have the pine cone fall. He did this a couple of times until he solved the problem. He stuck the tip in his mouth and then bounded off for the tree line. and I do mean bound.
I ended up laughing here was this little squirrel with this too huge pine cone jumping up and down. I couldn't even image how he got it up the tree. He did this all afternoon, every time I looked out the window the little guy had a new pine cone in his mouth.
Now mind you we have cats, wonderful hunters and catcher of little red squirrels. I don't know for sure, but I have not seen the squirrel since. Maybe he has just found a better, safer source of pine cones. Maybe.
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All Day GreenField MAss

In the last weekend of August, my mother and I went to our first big sacred harp sing out of state.
We drove to the most north western part of MA.  4 and a half hours. We started at 5 in the morning and it was raining, so, through darkness and rain we drove. Happily we made it with only getting a little lost, (bad street signs) and we made it with time to spare. There had to have been close to 200 people there. People from all over the country, from other countries. People of all ages and back rounds.
It was a little overwhelming. I really have been in Maine too long that a mear crowd of 200 makes me feel... crowded.

But once we all sat down and started to sing, it didn't matter. I got to sing in the Treble section.
We sing the top line of music sometimes it is very high. Of late have been singing in the Alto section because it seems like we never have enough Altos.

I rather like the Treble section. although we are the high voices the section often has men singing in it but down the octave. As does the Tenor section, or the melody, has both male and female voices in it.

So there we were with 200 voices doing something like 6 part harmonies. It was amazing.

One thing I noticed that was different with this sing than our little local sings was they went FAST. I mean the music went fast, calling the leaders when fast, tuning went fast. I was hard pressed to just find the right page in time.  It didn't help that many of the leaders didn't call out the page number very loudly. With 200 people even if they are attentive they are still bound to be noisy.

If I heard the count right we did something like 120 songs. with 109 leaders.

Oh not only did we sing, we ate. I swear it seemed like if I wasn't singing I was eating and talking. More good conversations to add to my collection of people. Even with the rainy weather it was a very enjoyable day.

Then there was the drive home. I was tired and I know my mom was pooped, she let me drive.
But I told stories to her to keep her awake until then. We made it back to Maine around 7 and back home around 10. My mom had no voice and she had to sing in church the next day. She said she sounded... like a frog. :) Maybe there is such a thing as too much singing. 
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Saving the boat

While we were all standing there watching the storm, (I tried to take pictures) Someone noticed a boat floating by on it's own. We all pretty  much wondered who would be out there in that storm trying to sail.
Next thing I saw was T and his dad rushing to down to the dock to save the boat. It was a pretty nice boat from what I could tell, If that thing hit the rocks it would have been bad. more than likely a very expansive repair at that.

We watched as the two of them took the little put-put out and motored over to the boat. I know I was not the only confused person there when next we saw this guy in a row boat pumping away after them. I was amazed that he could keep up.
We watched at the three of them caught the boat and boarded it.

From our part we couldn't tell what was going on by T later, after he was dry told me that the guy in the row boat was the owner and he hadn't set the anchor right, so when the storm with it's strong winds pushed out of it's place.

the Storm didn't last too much longer after that. in a half an  hour the clouds had passed and we able to head back up to finish up prepping the grounds for the wedding.

the next day, When T and I went sailing out on his Father's old catamaran the boat owner came by, in his little row boat and thanked us. I guess he was lucky that the people who saw his boat were sailors themselves.
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A dragon?

Recsuing the Kayakers

So, back to  the wedding, right.

The bride and groom got a lot of flack for
A. waiting so long
B. giving everyone only 2 months notice.

But other then that the wedding was great. There were a couple of hitches, I wouldn't even call them that.
One of the was the thunder storm that blew through on Thursday afternoon. There were a number of nervous glances as the skies turned dark in record time. One minute sunshine the next it was twilit as we watched the storm run across the Damariscotta River.

The were fingers pointing at the kayakers who were padding like mad upriver against the outgoing current and with the wind pushing at them.
Someone sent  the kids down to the dock to wave them in,  as we all could tell they were never going to make it to town in time.    I, along with a number of others, hurried to get as much stuff under cover before the rains started.  checking cars for open windows. I forgot to check my own an had a wet seat on the way home that night.

We had everything pretty well done by the time it let go. And it didn't just give us a light sprinkle with some pretty lighting, no it poured hard and heavy.

My mother and I watched from my in-laws big bay windows as a bunch of very wet people came running up to the porch and slipped into the house with us. It was a very nice family of 4I have never met before. At first I assumed that they were wedding guess here early.  but no that was not the case. They were the stranded kayakers. A husband and wife with two little boys. And wow they were grateful that they had got waved in. The older boy was a dear he chatted and made us laugh. He acted like it was nothing to be standing on some strangers living room. the younger one was far more shy.

The place was packed with so many people that at first, like me, everyone thought the family was here for the wedding. we even joked about it. Just whose side of the family were they from. 
My niece passed around some crackers and we passed the time watching the storm. Once the storm had passed The family said their good byes and of all things went back to their Kayaks. :) I guess they liked kayaking even more than I thought.

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August 09

Wow where did August go? I asked myself as I changed the calendar. August was fun and action packed. And SUNNY.
to re cap. T's  baby brother got married. the wedding was blast. Great fun, great food. and lots of great conversations.
I found that if I have at least one Really good conversation the memory will stick with me and I will remember the person much better in the future.
Even though the wedding was the second week end of August it seemed like it took a week to prep everything. Much to the work and planning that went in to this wedding was done by family and friends. I gotta say Jordy and Gretchen have the best friends.
And then there was the wedding. All in all it went well. One really bad thunder storm on the Thursday of  and then sunny skies. Gretchen really lucked out, if she had gone for a June wedding she would have been sunk.
My mom and I helped out with some of the food prep for my in-laws. They gave the rehearsal dinner.
There was so  much food left from the wedding T and I freeloaded on his family for a couple of days afterward. that next week.

The rest of this month as far as I can tell has been taken up by T and me just getting out and visiting folks. We didn't make it to Pensic this year. so I guess we didn't get our fill of large crowds. :)

T's older sister and her husband when on this epic hike with some family from some ones side of the family. we looked in on their kids.
And o' woe is me they suffered. they suffered from boredom. :)

We had dinner with our neighbors and some of their family visiting from California. they were great. and wow brothers no doubt about it.
The idea behind the dinner was to share our home made beer. and to  try some of the other local breweries. All good. but I am really  a 1/2 glass kind of girl. I was reminded by T by beer number 3. Oops. I was sick the next day. No not praying to the porcelain goddess, more of what was the name of that truck that hit me.

Funny but very useful in that I kept myself busy by coming up with 3 more plot outlines and then wrote a whole new story from it last week.
Oh and MY mother and I drove to western MA for another all day sacred harp sing. More on that later.
A dragon?

Honey, let's go for a bike ride today.

I looked out the window and see that it had turned sunny. and I said OK.
We did a little over 6 miles, over the bridge to Wiscasset and up a great big  hill to visit our favorite farm stand.
Took  a lot of breaks. but we made it, just as a big black cloud came through. so we stopped and rested at the farm stand, said hello to the folks there, and waited.
It did indeed rain. hard. then cleared up within minutes.  so we turned around and head home, More or less using the same route to get home. By-passing a large chunk of down town Wiscasset.

This was a mostly painless ride, as they go. certainly better than last year's torture to get up one stinking hill for our mail.

The only thing about today was.. that big black cloud. it was not done with us. As we headed home crossing the 2 bridges the sky opened up. within seconds we were drenched. I found this rather amusing. Here we were trying to miss the rain and we ended up biking too fast and catching up to it.
But no worries. we were within sight of our turn off. other then getting a couple of pitting looks while it rained we did OK.
had to change when we got home.
Now my thighs are killing me,

I feel... tired.

Maybe a treat for dinner. Pudding!